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The Hullachan Blue design suits dancers with a longer big or 2nd toe and ensures a wonderful fitting around these toe shapes. Designed for the demands of modern day Highland dancing, the Highland Blue incorporates the latest cushioning technology, with a dual layer insole for fantastic shock absorption and comfort levels.

The Highland Blue also has a patented arch eyelet. A real innovation which allows dancers to get a wonderful arch profile as well as fantastic levels of arch support as the ghillie pulls into the arch. The heel and toe shape have also been redesigned to offer a more secure and tidy fit.

If you are unsure in anyway as to the best size or fit for you, complete a tracing as per our guide below or from the frequently asked question page and contact us directly.

How do I work out pump size?

Sizing shoes and pumps can be difficult especially if you are moving between styles.
If you are unsure what size to purchase then doing a tracing of your foot and measuring it can be a useful indicator of what size to go for. Many customers complete a foot tracing as described then contact us directly before ordering.
Here are our top tips for creating an accurate foot tracing.
• Have someone else to do the tracing while you stand up as this will allow the foot to spread to its natural shape.
• Put a book underneath the paper or something hard on the floor if you are doing this on carpet, as it will make it easier to draw around your foot.
• Draw around your foot with socks on (ideally with your dancing socks on) as there is no need to draw between the toes and removes the temptation to ‘spread’ the toes to draw between the toes.
Click here to view foot tracing image.
• Do not use a pen with a very thick body as this will distort the length and width measurements.
• Keep the pen vertical at all times when drawing around the foot. The aim is not to draw around the part of the foot, which touches the paper, but to convey the accurate size of your foot.
• Draw a line on the sheet going from the heel to the top of the big toe and measure it.
• Do this for both feet. If different (most peoples are!) for a snug fit use the smaller foot measurement when purchasing pumps, and the larger foot measurement when purchasing jig shoes.
• Compare your foot measurement length to the sizing chart that is displayed with the pump brand in their listing.
• If you are concerned about foot width or any aspect about sizing at all, draw a second line across the widest part of your foot (usually the bunion area or the area behind the big toe) and contact us directly with your measurements.
Please note: that while this method is a good way of assessing the correct size, there is no guarantee that this method will deliver the correct size in 100% of cases. This can be due to a variety of reasons such as the height of the dancers arch, or human error when measuring. We cannot accept liability for return postage in the event where this sizing method is used and the size is incorrect.

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