Frequently Asked Questions

What measurements do you need?

Q. If I am not from Christchurch and am unable to come for a fitting, what measurements do you require to work out what size gear I need.

A. Follow the link below to our measurement size chart.  You can either make copy and send it to us, our just give us the results of your measurements from the chart in an email.

Hire measurement Check List HLE


What are the hire terms and conditions?

A bond is required on every order payable at the time of booking.  Bond is refunded on return of the order provided, all hired items are returned, are undamaged, and condition 2 is met. But not in the event of conditions 3 and 4.

  1. Responsibility of the order remains with the principal initial hirer (including all items in any group order) and any damage or loss to the hired clothing will be charged at full retail rates.
  2. All self picked up hire items are to be returned by 6pm the next business day unless prior arrangements have been made.  All Couriered hire items are to be delivered to the New Zealand Couriers depot/agent as per the pre-paid return manifest on the agreed date in the hire agreement.  All late returns incur a charge of $30.00 per outfit per day until returned
  3. If bookings are cancelled the bond will be forfeited.
  4. Costs included in the collection of overdue hires, loss and/or damage will be liable for late payment fees and collection costs, and attract interest at 2% per month’ and will be paid by the principal hirer.


How much is the bond?

The hire bond is 30% of the value of the total hire or $100.00 which ever is the higher.